Unit #3 is one of the state's most sought after areas for both whitetail and mule deer.  The non resident permits were all  filled  last year and 2018 doesn't look to be any different.    Book your hunt early to insure a great quality hunt in Unit #3.  Jim will help you thru the application process if needed.  Although we do have some mule deer, this is not my specialty.  The mule deer herd population has steadly decreased over the last 10 years. 

The buck on the left is a typical 10 pointer with a few extra kickers, taken by the owner in recent years.  He grossed 174 3/8 points. The buck or the right is another good example of the quality of deer taken in our area.

We do not expect everyone will shoot a Boone and Crocket or Pope and Young class buck every year, but do hope that you will get the opportunity to harvest a quality buck.  


                                          2006 Bucks

Stanley Palowsky(on left) from Monroe, Lousiana took the first ever guided hunt by Jim on Opening day November 29th, at 7:25 a.m. This was a beautiful 10 point 140 class whitetail that Stanley couldn't pass up.  Stanley has taken a lot of deer over his lifetime and he told me after, "2 more deer will make number 300". Jim took his 2006 buck 9 days into the season after his guided hunts were complete.  This buck carried a caribou like shovel on his rack and scored over 170".  "This buck would have been someone else's trophy had he book clients for the second 1/2 of the season" Jim stated.

Stanley  took this great heavy beamed  142" 9 pointer  on his second year with Jim in 2007.  He took his buck from the same tower blind that he took his previous years.  Stanley will be back next year he tells me. 


Jim's brother Rich took this clean 10 pointer in the last hour of the 2007 season.  He set in the same tower blind that (Stanley) above use to take his last 2 Kansas deer.  Rich couldn't make up his mind which one of the 3 choice bucks to take that last day, but he was sure happy with his selection after tracking and finding him in 5 foot tall CRP grass for over i50 yards.


 Jim took this buck December 9th, 2009 out of his favorite shooting tower.  The same tower as the other deer pictured above 

Stanley's buck  in 2010 grossed 170 and 4/8th.  This was the best of his 5 taken in the last 5 years, all from the same tower stand.    

Above Dr. "S" shows off his 11 point buck taken in 2012