Prices for 2018all prices include guide service, meals and lodging)

We have hunts available for the 1st 5 days of the 2018 firearm season.    We have 2 hunts  available for the second 5 days 2018 firearm season available.

The dates for the 2018 season are not set.   Call now for more details Black Powder Sept  ? thru Sept ?, 2018  $2550 2 hunts available 

Black Powder Sept ?th thru Sept ? th, 2018  $2550  2 hunts available   

(Bonus Black Powder Hunt-We offer our BP hunters a second chance.  If you are not successful during the regular BP season, you can come back for 2 days during the Regular Firearm season and we will try to get you that buck.  Monday and Tuesday Dec 5th,6 th - Add $800) Knowing that you might want to make that trip with a buddy, we are also geared up to take multiple hunters and still give you the personal guide service that you might expect.  Call us if your circumstances warrant.

Firearms November 28 thru  Dec 2nd , 2018        $2,950 3 to 4 hunts available

Firearms December 4th thru 9th, 2017             $2,950  2  hunts available

Archery, 5 to 7 day hunts (         thru Dec 31st) starting at $2,550 (only 2 hunts available) 5 day hunts during rut( Nov 1-15)

Deposits $500 upon booking with the balance due July 1 for Black Powder and September 1 for Firearms and Archery.  If you are unable to draw a tag for unit #3 a full refund of your early deposit will be made, or you may apply it to a subsequent years hunt.

Permits and Licenses

Non resident hunters should apply for a non resident Tag with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.    The cost of the Tag is not included in your hunt package.  You will also need to purchase a non resident license and can apply on the Web. Jim will assist you if you need help in the application process

Spring and Fall Turkey hunts for 3 days ,$750, meals and lodging, one on one guiding all included.   Daily guided hunts are $150/day, no meals or lodging provided.  Hunt on your own daily  for $100/day per person. Permit extra